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6 Days of ‘Resident Evil 6’ – Day 1: New Game, New Features



There are only a few short days left until the release of Resident Evil 6, the latest in Capcom’s classic survival horror series.  Join us for six days of ghouls, guns, and gore as we count down the days, right here at FEARnet!

Resident Evil 6 hopes to make its mark as the most robust and fully-featured game in the entire franchise by offering a slew of new features, tweaks, and enhancements that will hopefully elevate RE6 to the classic status that fans reserve for the original trilogy.  Here are just a few of the features that will hopefully flesh out the still-shambling ghoul that is Resident Evil.

Three Different Campaigns: While the Resident Evil series has always played kinda fast and loose with chronology, RE6 looks to raise this to new levels with three different and distinct campaigns, each with two playable characters apiece.  Each of these promises their own unique challenges and play styles, although they won’t stay that distinctive thanks to the new…

Crossover Mechanic: At specific points in the narrative, the campaigns will actually start to intersect with one another, with the characters from different campaigns teaming up with one another.  While there’s certainly a heavy fan service element to this, Capcom is taking it one step further by allowing for up to four players to join forces at these junctions for cooperative play.  While cooperative multiplayer is nothing new to the series (RE5 in particular was built upon a two-player coop foundation), the promise of ganging up on some particularly nasty B.O.W.’s with a more sizable squad of your buddies is certainly appealing.

Ada Wong Campaign: In a game that already seems rife with fan service by bringing back countless classic characters into the new game, the promise of once again playing as long time ambiguous villainess Ada Wong is the sort of move that will have longtime RE fans foaming at the mouth.  The Ada campaign will be unlocked upon completion of the game’s main three campaigns and will tie up all of the loose ends and unanswered questions that the game left hanging…well, those that won’t be left loose for the inevitable Resident Evil 7.

Mercenaries Mode: While far from a new addition—Mercenaries has been incorporated into the RE franchise in some form since Resident Evil 3 through the 3DS standalone Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D—this score-based single- and multiplayer mode promises to flesh out the online experience for players, as well as give solo players some extra mileage out of RE6.

Agent Hunt Mode: The most unique addition to Resident Evil, Agent Hunt mode will allow players to step in the rotting shoes of the various zombies/B.O.W.’s that stalk the game’s protagonists and actually integrate into the single-player experience of other players online.  In essence, this will replace portions of the game’s AI with real-life players who will use their own tactics to try and take the heroes out.  If the experience is truly transparent, then we could be seeing the start of an exciting new trend in gaming as a whole.  After all, the thrill of multiplayer comes from the unpredictability of your enemies, who use their living, thinking brains to try and kill you as opposed to algorithms that often result in recognizable patterns.  Giving that sort of unpredictability and intelligence to an enemy in the single-player experience would make for a much more intense, frightening experience.  The concept of not necessarily knowing which of the enemies you face are being “driven” by a human adds even more tension to the experience.  Best of all, the Agent Hunt mode promises to be fairly simple and transparent, with “hunters” joining or dropping out of another gamer’ single player session in a way that doesn’t affect the overall flow of said single-player experience.

There is a lot more in store to set Resident Evil 6 apart from its predecessors, which we will be covering over the remaining five days.  Be sure to join us tomorrow for Day 2: Three Campaigns, Three Types of Horror.