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6 Days of ‘Resident Evil 6’ – Day 3: New Foes, New Fears



There are only a few short days left until the release of Resident Evil 6, the latest in Capcom’s classic survival horror series.  Join us for six days of ghouls, guns, and gore as we count down the days, right here at FEARnet!

Zombies: they have been the main staple of Resident Evil from the first game, joined by a bizarre cast of other mutants and monsters that fill in the most unique, iconic, and downright weird rank and file in gaming history.  Resident Evil 6 looks to keep up its predecessor’s loopy legacy (remember the B.O.W. bat from RE5?) with its own flavor of fresh foes to fight, as well as some new nips and tucks on the old classics.


The day RE stops incorporating zombies is the day I hang up my gaming hat.  Zombies and RE go together like prom night and regret, although Resident Evil 6’s new C-Virus promises some new wrinkles to its well-worn zombie formula.  Zombies now boast different speeds and the ability to wield weapons, which make them a far greater threat than the previous games’ slow shamblers.  While some zombie purists may scoff at the idea of a running rotter, it’s appropriate given the faster pace of the franchise in the wake of Resident Evil 4.


Dubbed by the BSAA from the Serbian word for “demon,” the J’Avo represent the latest mutation of virus in the RE universe.  In addition to sporting way too many eyes for their own good (their vision insurance must be prohibitively expensive), they’ve also regressed to their most primal instincts while still maintaining the ability to communicate and coordinate attacks.  As if that weren’t bad enough, they also have the horrific ability to mutate and adapt around the injuries that you give them, forcing you to rethink your tactics on the fly.


Little is known about the Chrysalide at this point, although their aesthetic seems to fall somewhere between Plant 42 from the first Resident Evil and a more reptilian form; I see a possible reference to the classic Hunter design here, although with an additional photosynthetic flourish.  What it all means—no easy task given the constant mutations to the virus over the course of the franchise—remains to be seen.

There are just three days left in our 6 Days of ‘Resident Evil 6’ coverage, so be sure to check back tomorrow for Day 4: The Resident Evil 6 Survival Kit!