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News Article

The 69 Eyes: “Back in Blood” CD/DVD Set

The 'Helsinki Vampires' really amped up their Goth-N-Roll sound this year with the release of Back in Blood – the band’s most aggressive and hella-fun album to date. I figured I’d be in for a naughty time when the video for the single Dead Girls Are Easy premiered on Playboy... and for good reason. The band had a blast recording these dark, leering and hard-hitting tunes, and it shows: sex, blood and rock ‘n’ roll… in my recipe book, that’s the formula for the perfect holiday cocktail.

If any of your pals shun the sun, but love to trash their bedrooms with psycho air-guitar skills, this is the essential album to give this year. Aim for the deluxe edition, which includes a DVD with the Dead Girls video, concert footage and other goodies.

$14.99 at Amazon