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News Article

69 Eyes 'Dead Girls Are Easy' Video Premieres Today!

The naughty new video for Dead Girls Are Easy – the latest single from Finnish horror-rockers The 69 Eyes – makes its online debut today, appropriately enough on Read below the fold to find out more about the project, and maybe even find out how to see the video for yourself… if you’re old enough, that is…

A long-time advocate of the “Helsinki Vampires” (and heartfelt promoter of Finnish goth-rock in general), Bam Margera once again stepped behind the camera to direct the band’s latest visual opus, which heralds the first single from their upcoming album Back In Blood (due out September 15th).

The video for their flamboyant horror-rock anthem is described as “a vampiric road trip rife with lustful ladies and unwitting male victims,” and focuses on a fetish-garbed band of vamps working their supernatural (and sometimes just un-natural) sexual powers to recruit young men to their bloodthirsty ranks. “It’s almost like vampires are taking over the world,” says frontman Jyrki 69 about the video’s concept. And if they all look like the chicks in the video, I’d say we should just let ‘em run the place.

If you’re over 18 (and keeping the whole NSFW thing in mind), you can see the video in all its kinky, gory glory… right now at