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8-bit Zombie Unleashes Vintage-Style Tarman Halloween Decoration



Though there are many memorable zombies from the last several decades of horror, my personal favorite has always been the Tarman - the melted mess of a monster that Frank and Freddy unwittingly unleashed from his Trioxin canister prison in Return of the Living Dead.  Though he's an incredibly vicious zombie, who won't think twice about munching on your brains, there's just something that's utterly loveable about Tarman - which is probably why he's become one of the most iconic and fan-favorite zombies of all time.

Needless to say, I've been quite pleased to see that Tarman has been getting a whole lot of love on the Halloween front this year.  First, Fright Rags released a limited edition package that included a t-shirt and even a Tarman mask, the latter made to look like the old school boxed masks companies like Ben Cooper and Collegeville released back in the 70s - you can still purchase that set while supplies last, over on their website.

Return of the Living Dead

Now, 8-bit Zombie is also getting in on the fun - with a 53" tall jointed and fully pose-able Tarman that evokes the spirit of retro Halloween decorations.  You'll notice that Tarman is decked out with all sorts of 80s-inspired gear, including the Power Glove and even one of My Pet Monster's orange shackles - little touches that make this decoration all the more awesome!

Part of their new line of 'Body Bags,' the Tarman decorations ship out beginning today, so make sure you order one quick if you want one by Halloween.  Head over to 8-bit Zombie to snag one for $24!