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News Article

9.19.06: DVD Releases This Week to Die For


Stay Alive Unrated (Buena Vista) - It’s become chic to release your PG-13 film on DVD unrated and promote it as a feast of debauchery. Problem is, most of these films wind up a PG-15 rather than an NC-17. In Stay Alive, a group of teens fall victim to a video game that kills the player in real life when they die in the game. Space Invaders has never been so scary.

Left In Darkness
(Anchor Bay) - This one sounds like it’s definitely NOT for the kids. Celia (Monica Keena of Freddy vs. Jason) is drugged, raped and dies of an accidental overdose at a wild college frat party and she winds up trapped in limbo between heaven and hell. Now, if only it’s as disturbing as it sounds.

Jigoku (Criterion) - Classic Japanese horror from Nobuo Nakagawa is given the Criterion treatment.

Virgin Witch (Image) - 70’s style drive-in flick finds sisters Christine and Betty in a castle for a weekend photo shoot. But the organizers have more than photographing models on their mind; they need a virgin to join their witches’ coven!

Hard Candy (Lionsgate) - A young girl turns the tables on a potential predator. Where’s Chris Hansen when you need him?

Sandman (Tempe) - Murders in a trailer park. ‘Nuff said.

Boris Karloff Collection (Universal) - Six classic Karloff films from Universal at a really nice price. Titles include: Night Key, Tower Of London, The Climax, The Strange Door and The Black Castle.

Chucky: The Killer Collection (Universal) - All of the Child’s Play films in a neato box set from Universal (except for the first in the series which is owned by MGM), titles include: Child's Play 2, Child's Play 3, Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky.