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News Article

9.26.06: DVD Releases This Week to Die For


Masters of Horror: Takashi Miike: Imprint (Anchor Bay) - Takashi Miike’s banned from cable broadcast episode from the Masters of Horror series features enough torture and mutilation to satisfy a family of six!

Crypt Of Terror Double Feature: Land Of The Minotaur / Terror (Brentwood) - Double dose of drive-in madness with a special appearance by Donald Pleasance!

Bollywood Horror Collection, Vol. 1: Bandh Darwaza / Purana Mandir (Mondo Macabro) - 6+ hours of Bollywood horror madness on 2 DVDs! Band Darwaza is the Indian version of Dracula and Purana Mandir tells the tale of an ancient curse in which all female members of a family will turn into hideous monsters and die during childbirth! Expect tons of extras and more Mondo Macabro madness including that fantastic trailer reel!

Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974/ MPI) - The original classic returns to 2-disc DVD, newly remastered with plenty of extras from Dark Sky Films. You may never need to by TCM on DVD ever again!

Nightmare on Elm Street
(Special Edition/New Line) - New Line releases what can only be considered the definitive 2-disc DVD edition of this landmark 80’s horror flick. See you in your dreams!

Dark Waters (1994/ 2-Disc/ Limited Edition) - The Mariano Baino classic is finally given the treatment it deserves by NoShame Films. Perfectly remastered and loaded with extras including Baino’s short film Caruncula. Also included is a tremendous replica of the evil stone amulet from the film.

Dust Devil (The Final Cut/ Limited Collector's Edition/ 4-Disc) - This Richard Stanley (Hardware) classic finally comes to DVD in a 4-disc special edition. Two versions of the film are included and the set is absolutely loaded with extras.

Street Trash (Special Meltdown Edition) - The classic 80’s splatter fest comes to DVD from Synapse Films in a glorious 2-disc special edition DVD set. Disc 2 features The Meltdown Memoirs - an all-new two hour documentary on the history and making of Street Trash and the original 16mm Street Trash short film.

Dracula (1931) & Frankenstein (1931) (Universal) - Each available in a 75th Anniversary 2-disc set. Lots of bonus materials, including extras not featured on previous DVD editions. Dracula also comes packaged with the Spanish version - a completely different viewing experience which comes highly recommended!