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News Article

96-Year-Old Man Finds Dead Rat in Birthday Cake


Rat in cake

People across the country have been discovering some pretty horrifying things on and inside of their food lately, from a severed snake head in a bag of veggies to a bunch of dead worms in a fast food salad. But neither story was as revolting or nausea-inducing as this next one, which is guaranteed to make you think twice, next time you find a slice of birthday cake in front of you.

The Huffington Post reports that Long Island, New York resident Joseph Vallenti was celebrating his 96th birthday this past weekend, a celebration that included a German apple ring cake from the bakery of a local supermarket. As soon as Vallenti took a bite of his birthday cake, he knew that it didn't quite taste the way his favorite cake typically does, and it wasn't long before the family discovered chunks and pieces of a dead rat baked inside of the cake, including its tail. Perhaps most disgusting of all, the dead and dismembered rat was literally bleeding into the cake.

Not surprisingly, the senior citizen became sick after consuming the rat-infested cake, suffering from stomach pains and diarrhea. The supermarket released a statement saying that there are no known rodent issues in the bakery, and that all apple ring cakes are currently undergoing a thorough inspection.

Check out a video report of the horrifying find, courtesy of Newsy.