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News Article

Adam Green Opens Up About 'Chillerama'


Adam Green has some new projects on the way.  After seeing his unrated Hatchet 2 pulled from theaters after only two days, Green will likely court less controversy with his kid-friendly Killer Pizza.

Of more interest to FEARnet readers is Chillerama, an anthology film with four twisted segments, one of which will be directed by Green.  More after the jump.

According to, Green will direct a segment entitled "The Diary of Anne Frankenstein," a black-and-white segment about Hitler trying to create the perfect killing machine.  Other segments include "Wadzilla" from Adam Rifkin (Detroit Rock City), about a giant, mutant sperm destroying NYC; "I Was a Teenage Werebear" from Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs); and a piece by Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2) focusing on sex zombies.