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Alamo Drafthouse Comes to Los Angeles - Finally!


alamo drafthouseCinephiles love the Alamo Drafthouse. The Texas-based theater chain is known across the country for hosting a wide variety of themed screening series, movie marathons, serving food and booze in the theater, and strictly enforcing the no-talking, no-texting policy. It is a movie geek's nerdvana. In the last few years, Alamo has expanded into a number of states, including Colorado, Missouri, Virginia, and New York. With locations in cities both large and small, Alamo is finally bringing their theater chain to Los Angeles.

While the lease hasn't been signed yet, a letter of intent has been signed. The proposed theater would be eight-screens, 30,000 square feet, with a rooftop garden. The theater would be built atop the site of a 300-space parking lot (which will undoubtedly piss off downtown denizens, where parking is at a premium) and partially built into the side of a hill. If all goes according to plan, the lease would be signed by the end of April and the theater could open in 18 months.

At one point, I had heard that the Drafthouse was eyeing a theater in Westwood, a college community that is home to UCLA and a number of large classic cinemas (many with only one screen!) Obviously, that never happened.

Source: LA Downtown News