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Alan Moore Making "Occult" Movies 'Act of Faith' and 'Jimmy's End'


The great bearded scribe of Northampton, Alan Moore, has become an increasingly fascinating figure in recent years for his refusal to endorse the big-budget Hollywood films -- like Watchmen and V for Vendetta -- based on his acclaimed graphic novels. Now Moore, who's written in a variety of media, is finally trying his hand at moviemaking -- but on his own terms. The writer is creating a series of "occult, noir flecked" short films collectively known as Show Pieces, the first two of which are called Act of Faith and Jimmy's End.

The Guardian reports that "If you've ever wondered quite what a movie made with [Alan] Moore's full cooperation might look like, now's your chance. The writer has announced he is teaming up with director Mitch Jenkins to work on a series of "occult, noir flecked" short films titled Show Pieces, the first of which was recently shot in London."

"Act of Faith, which stars Siobhan Hewlett (Sherlock, Hotel Babylon, Torchwood) will be followed by Jimmy's End, which is due to be filmed in Northampton later this summer. The project as a whole is described as a "multi-layered, multi-episode narrative" created by Moore and brought to life by Jenkins. Both films will premiere at a New York event in October before screening via the digital arts platform"

"'Alan Moore is widely considered to be one of the greatest graphic novelists of all time,' reads the press release. 'His output has sold in the millions, lead to numerous awards and been adapted for feature films. However, Act of Faith and Jimmy's End are Moore's first creations written specifically for the screen and made with his endorsement and ongoing creative involvement.'"