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Alan Robert Wants You to 'Crawl to Me'

IDW is getting set to launch a new comic book series called Crawl to Me from writer/illustrator and Life of Agony bassist Alan Robert, who previously did the comic series Wire Hangers with the company. "if you survived Wire Hangers with any part of your psyche intact,Crawl to Me should help finish the job," says IDW CCO Chris Ryall. So what is Crawl to Me all about? Hit the jump and we'll tell you.

The story of Crawl to Me follows a married couple who face problems when they move into their first home in an isolated country town. Their dog disappears. They hear voices. Animal remains show up in their house. "This is not your typical, run-of-the-mill, haunted house story," Robert promises. "It's more of athriller, filled with a ton of demented mind-games that will keep youguessing. Think of it like a Twilight Zone episode on steroids."

Crawl to Me drags its corpse into comic shops this July.