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Alice Cooper Debunks Movie & Tour Rumors

Apparently a couple of rumors about shock-rock idol Alice Cooper have been circulating around the web over the weekend: First, that a bio-pic about the future Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee is going into production, and second, that the Coop will retire from touring after 2011. Alice quickly came forward to squash those rumors in a recent announcement on his official site, and we've got the details of that message below, along with other curious Alice news. Hit the jump for the full story...

The rumors started last Friday, when the website for Holland's Veronica Radio posted the two claims, reporting that a movie based on Cooper's life was going into production in February, and that this year's tour would be his last. The update from Alice's website, directed “To all you Sick Things out there,” declared “Both of these news reports are completely false,” and told fans not to believe the rumors. While it's great news to hear that Alice has no plans to retire from performing in the immediate future, the bio-pic would have been pretty cool... maybe someone will be inspired by this false alarm to actually get a legit film going.

Cooper stirred up a little controversy himself last Friday when he dissed Robert Plant for not reuniting with Led Zeppelin: “I never get tired of playing my songs,” he said in an interview with the UK's Independent. “What is so hard? Jimmy Page wants to do it. John Paul Jones wants to do it. And they got [John Bonham]'s son Jason, who is a killer drummer. All they need is Robert Plant. But what is Robert Plant out there doing? Playing folk music!”