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Alice Cooper Goes Old School for Box Set

If you've been keeping up with our Alice Cooper news, you know that Alice and his original band were finally honored by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and all the surviving members took the stage at Monday night's ceremony for a three-song performance. When the show airs on Fuse Sunday night, it'll be the first opportunity for most of us to see the original lineup perform together since Alice went solo in 1974. It's pretty good timing too, considering the Coop's crew have been preparing a special edition "Old School" box set of the band's classic releases, and it's coming out – appropriately enough – for summer. Check out the details below the fold!

Just so you know, the set ain't cheap – it goes for a hefty $260.00 – but it still looks like a collector's dream come true. The four CDs include demo material (including demos and pre-production cuts from the albums School's Out and Muscle of Love), live tracks including the entire 1971 "Killer" tour (recorded in St. Louis), advertisements and spoken-word recordings. There's also a DVD with two hours of content across three never-before-seen features.

Supplemental materials include a "yearbook" style 64-page book written by heavy metal journalist Lonn Friend, which includes period pictures of all band members, a gatefold folder containing tour programs, ticket stubs, a set list and five prints. On top of all that, there's a "bootleg" vinyl version of the St. Louis "Killer" show, and a seven-inch vinyl release of "Wonder Who's Lovin' Her Now" and "Lay Down & Die, Goodbye," recorded under the band's early name, The Nazz. The whole damn thing is bundled up in a wicked school desktop-shaped box.

The set is due out in June, and they're taking pre-orders now at Alice's official site. Every confirmed order will also include an instant download of an exclusive music video for "Elected."