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Alice Cooper & Lady Gaga Teaming Up?


Hall-of-famer Alice Cooper and fame monster Lady Gaga have sung each other's praises many times over the past year or so, but until yesterday the two shocking performers have never met in person. Alice dropped in on the blood-soaked Gaga after her show in Phoenix, and there's also a good chance they'll be sharing the stage very soon. We've got more details after the jump, as well as an update on the delayed release (damn!) of Alice's long-awaited album Welcome 2 My Nightmare...

Gaga captured the historic moment in the photo above, which she tweeted with the comment "I just died and went to hell." According to the UK's Daily Star, the pop icon has asked the shock-rock legend if she can join him onstage for a cameo appearance during his concert in Brazil this May. No word yet on what she'll be doing in the cameo, or if she'll get to take part in one of Alice's famous onstage "deaths."

Gaga has cited Alice as a major influence on her showmanship, and the Coop's a big fan of hers: In a new interview with AOL Noisecreep, Alice said "There were these certain women through history that were so outrageous... Lady Gaga is in that world. And you know the thing about it? She can back it up. She can sing, she writes her own songs. To me, she is a cut above all the other girls."

In the same interview, Cooper also dropped the sad news that Welcome 2 My Nightmare won't be released until next year. He and the band "have to do the whole festivals tour first" before focusing on the now-completed sequel to his classic 1975 concept album. But he did say that the tour to promote for the new record next summer "is going to be unbelievable," and will feature the return of the "magic screen" backdrop he introduced in the 1975 show.