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News Article

Alice Cooper 'Making Monsters' on Travel Channel


Alice Cooper will be welcoming TV viewers to a literally larger-than-life nightmare this weekend, during a special episode of The Travel Channel's series Making Monsters: The producers will go behind-the-scenes with the special effects team who designed the various creepy creatures and deadly devices that populate the stage during Alice's outrageous "No More Mr. Nice Guy" tour. Hit the jump for more info about the episode, including a preview clip and a closer look at the star attraction: "FrankenAlice!"

The creation of this totally sick 12-foot-tall, fully articulated Alice puppet – designed from the ground up by effects company Distortions – will be documented on the upcoming "Monsters of Rock" episode (part of the channel's "Weekends to Die For" programming), along with many other twisted creations that Alice's fans have come to expect at his incredible live performances. The special episode will air on The Travel Channel Sunday, October 9th at 8pm Eastern.

Check out the teaser clip below!