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Alice Cooper Shocks Ke$ha at Oslo Show


This past spring we showed you excerpts from a blood-splattered performance by Ke$ha, who along with Lady Gaga is one of a few pop megastars who credit veteran shock-rocker Alice Cooper for inspiring their stage shows. While Coop repaid Gaga's praise with a bloody post-show hug, last night he made an onstage surprise visit during Ke$ha's show in Oslo, Norway, much to the delight of the audience. We've got another behind-the-scenes image and fan-shot video of their shared performance of Cooper's classic "School's Out," so hit the jump for more!

According to Alice's official site, Ke$ha's danceable cover of "School's Out" was shared by the original song's creator, whom the popster affectionately calls "Dad." Alice had visited her during sound-check (he performs there tonight with Iron Maiden) and they decided to set up a duet as an encore to her main set. It was also kind of payback for Ke$ha's mischievous appearance at Alice's Nashville show last October.

"Thanx for coming to Oslo to do SCHOOLS OUT with me dad," the artist tweeted to fans after the show. "LEGEND. FUCKING LEGEND." Alice responded by inviting her to officially participate in his act: "Next time our stage," he quipped, "and be sure to bring some band-aids," hinting that she may get to partake in Alice's notorious onstage death treatment.

Check out the fan video, and watch Ke$sha reenact the Wayne's World "We're not worthy!" routine...