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News Article

All-New Sinister Soundscapes from Spookhaus!

The multi-talented Canadian “Artist of Darkness” otherwise known as Spookhaus is back with another musical project – this time a fairly ambitious and lengthy piece of dark horror-movie atmosphere entitled "La Symphonique de Noir." It’s the latest outing from the hard-working multimedia monster behind chilling singles like “I Want to Be Your Vampire” and “Buckets of Blood”… and like those previous offerings, it’s totally free for the taking. Dig below for more…

As further proof of his diabolical street cred, Spookhaus reportedly composed this lengthy piece of so-called “Dark Age Chill Music” as musical accompaniment to a DVD featuring the excellently named Druwydian Pendragon, in which he explores the origins of The Brotherhood of Satan – described by Spookhaus as “the oldest secret society in existence.”

The massive dark ambient track clocks in at over 30 minutes, and fulfills the artist’s own description of “Thick, dark atmosphere and mysterious black magical accents,” carried off by a neo-classical fusion of traditional orchestra elements, haunting tribal rhythms and electronically-treated guitar. The artist recommends the track as mood music for the darkly-inclined to get in the mood “…as the sun slowly goes down, waiting for twilight... no, not the movie, silly!”

You can download the entire epic, as well as a wide assortment of other dark musical delights, through, or stream them from his MySpace, which is full of creepy-cool stuff to explore.