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News Article

Amanda Palmer is Definitely 'The Killing Type'


Gothic rock fans know Amanda Palmer as singer/songwriter for acclaimed duo The Dresden Dolls, and most genre buffs probably know her as the wife of legendary dark-fantasy writer Neil Gaiman. Neil recently shared Palmer's latest visual offering on his insightful Tumblr page, shocking unsuspecting viewers with the ultra-violent music video for “The Killing Type,” a powerful single from her new solo album Theatre Is Evil. “There is no nudity in this video,” Gaiman commented. “That doesn't make it safe, though.”

Neil is right. When you're dealing with an artist of this intensity (please note designer chainsaw shown above), you probably suspect what's coming when Amanda and her band Grand Theft Orchestra are seen performing in pristine white against a white backdrop (even playing glossy white instruments), especially when it's a song about a supposedly meek person fighting the overwhelming urge to kill... and losing. In other words, the screen isn't going to remain sparkling white for very long, and... well, you'd better just watch it and see. Pretty supreme song too, I might add.