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Amazing Video Captures Shark Attack Near Miss


In the past two years alone, shark attacks have claimed the lives of six Australian swimmers, which recently prompted government officials to tag over 300 of the predators with special devices, so that they'll automatically send out tweets whenever they're swimming dangerously close to the shore.  Though angry tweeting sharks would be enough to keep most people out of Australia's waters, the dudes that comprise the group The Mad Huey's can't exactly be described as 'most people.'

The Mad Huey's are all about living on the edge, and not letting anything stop them in their pursuit of fun and adventure... not even big ass sharks with a hunger for human limbs.

An incredible video posted earlier this week on The Mad Huey's YouTube channel shows just how quickly a little bit of fun can escalate into something much more serious, as one of the members of the group narrowly escapes an attack from a 10-foot tiger shark.  "I thought I was going to die," wrote the man, in the video description.

Check out the video below, which serves as a frightening reminder that the water can be a very dangerous place!