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'American Horror Story' Autopsy


I really started off liking American Horror Story. My husband would say it was because of the "shock value:" it was fast paced, gory, sexy, and didn't hold anything back. I don't deny that this was the draw. I like weird stuff, and AHS was the weirdest TV show I had seen in awhile. 

But they couldn't keep up this pace. They blew their wad with the two-part Halloween episode. The one day of the year that the ghosts can travel off-property, and they took advantage of it. Sadly, it was kind of downhill from there. While the show was still enjoyable, it also became predictable and rote. Of course Violet didn't survive her suicide attempt. Of course Vivien's kid was evil. Of course the whole Harmon family ended up dead. 

I am intrigued by series creator Ryan Murphy's plan for future seasons: every season will feature a new cast in a new scenario. Call me a cynic, but it feels weird that this is the first I am hearing of it. Obviously the Harmons' story is over, so a new family in a new hell would make sense. I honestly couldn't think of a new storyline for the Harmons without turning it into a constant rehashing of this season. The season finale already came dangerously close, with the ghosts haunting the new family in the same exact way that the Harmons were haunted. I understand the parallels that were being drawn between the Harmons and the Ramoses, but I think all it managed to successfully achieve was to highlight how stupid the Harmons were.

The idea of a three-year-old murderer - whether he is the "anti-christ" or not - is vaguely intriguing, but certainly not a new concept. I could totally get behind Jessica Lange and her evil grandson being the (loose) thread that ties the seasons together. Kind of like the Crypt Keeper with better skin. I liked Violet and Vivien, but am not sad to see Ben go. He was annoying, whiny, and holier-than-thou.

So where will the show go next season? Well, with a new family, a new location, and a new "horror," it could be damn near anything. Let's say... a Manson-style cult. We haven't had a good TV cult in awhile.