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'American Horror Story' First Five Minutes, Episode One Details and Casting News


While you’re anxiously awaiting the premiere of American Horror Story: Asylum, we have some casting news and details on the first episode which will give fans background on the serial killer Bloody Face and the Briarcliff Manor sanitarium. A killer and a mental hospital? Sounds like we’re off to a good start.  

Another awesome addition: Ian McShane will be joining the cast in an unknown role. “Details on his role were unavailable, but Murphy noted on Twitter that the Golden Globe winner will 'tussle' with Jessica Lange's Sister Jude, one of the nuns who runs the insane asylum at Briarcliff Manor,” TV Guide reports.

The first five minutes tease out Bloody Face, along with some foggy woods, a few random dirty baby dolls and a very bad decision to “do it” in an insane asylum. Also, they use the word “bang” more in the first minute than any other show in the history of television.

Here’s the synopsis:

Briarcliff Manor is a notorious haunted house. In 1962, the estate was purchased by the Catholic Church and turned into a sanitarium for the criminally insane. It is said that nobody committed to Briarcliff ever got out... including its most infamous inmate, a serial killer known only as Bloody Face. And decades later, Briarcliff may still be haunted...

1964. Boyish Kit Walker has, unbeknownst to his family and racist friends, married his African-American girlfriend, Alma... but their lives are shattered by an inexplicable event that spirits them both away from their home.

On the day that Bloody Face is transferred to Briarcliff, reporter Lana Winters arrives at Briarcliff to interview the fiercely religious head nun, Sister Jude, who rejects modern psychiatry in favour of strong and merciless discipline, and believes that "madness" is just a modern synonym for "evil" – a spiritual crisis, an absence of God. When Bloody Face arrives, he protests his innocence. After being brutally disciplined, he meets the other inmates, including the lusty Shelley, the aggressive Spivey, and sweet Grace – who, like Bloody Face, claims she's not crazy, or guilty of the heinous crime she's accused of.

Meanwhile, Lana wants to find out Sister Jude's secrets, but she and her partner Wendy have secrets of their own. And Sister Jude distrusts Dr. Arden, charismatic head of Briarcliff's medical wing, who also has terrible secrets – secrets that Sister Jude is determined to discover and expose, though she is warned away by Monsignor Timothy Howard. As patients mysteriously vanish, and Sister Jude and the Monsignor make ambitious plans for their own personal futures, Bloody Face is taken away to experience the horrors of Solitary, and Lana quickly finds herself in way over her head.

Watch the clip:

American Horror Story: Asylum launches on FX on October 17th.

via TV Guide