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News Article

'American Horror Story' Returns For a Third Season


In the "no surprises here" category, FX has picked up American Horror Story for a third season (or "cycle," as the network is calling it to differentiate it as a "miniseries" as opposed to a "TV series.")

The announcement follows suit with previous seasons: details are kept deeply under wraps. We don't even get a subtitle yet. To be fair, with season two still underway (and far exceeding season one), as well as several other shows in their purview, creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk probably haven't started truly fleshing out a season three.

What they have revealed is that they will continue the tradition of bringing back actors from seasons past, and putting them into new roles. Series star Jessica Lange is one of the actors who has been confirmed to return. Shooting will begin this summer, with an airdate set for Halloween 2013.

Source: Deadline