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News Article

'American Idol' is Haunted!


I never thought I would be writing about American Idol here on FEARnet.  And yet, here I am.  Apparently the finalists this season (I could not name a single contestant if my life depended on it) are all living in a house together.  Recently they moved out... because they were being haunted.  Read on for more...

According to TMZ, the contestants' Beverly Hills home-away-from-home was plagued with "flickering lights and a spider infestation." Then there was the horrible roof leak, which was caused by the very natural rainstorm - which in Los Angeles, is rare enough to be mistaken for supernatural activity.  The last straw, however, was when a bedsheet rose off a bed and floated down the hallway, all by itself.

The contestants have since been relocated to an "undisclosed location."  Yeah, cause the ghosts can't find you if you don't tell TMZ.