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Angry, Undead Rats in Uwe Boll's 'Zombie Massacre' Trailer


Director Uwe Boll’s latest project is the video-game-turned-film, Zombie Massacre. Boll is producing the adaptation which is based on a 1998 first-person shooter game for the Amiga computer. It’s directed by Luca Boni and Marco Ristori who made Eaters. Here’s the story:

A bacteriological weapon – developed by the US Government to create a super soldier – spreads an epidemic in a quiet little town in the middle od Eastern Europe. All citiziens have been turned into infected zombies. The plan is: to bring an atomic bomb into the nuclear plant of the city to pretend a terrible accident. No one has to know the truth. A commando of mercenaries is hired to do the mission. The battle is on. Hordes of monsters against a bunch of men. Who will survive?

The airport setting is faintly reminiscent of Quarantine 2: Terminal and maybe just a little of Nightmare City, but nowhere near as batshit crazy. There does, however, seem to be a fair amount of killing with Samurai swords and throwing stars, and some very angry zombie rats. Check it out: