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Another Spidey?

According to, Sam Raimi has declared that there will definitely be a Spiderman 4. He doesn’t know if the original cast will be returning but Raimi believes that it’s not about the cast it’s about the script. With that in mind, I wonder who the next villian will be and how long do they intend to keep this franchise going? Word on the street is Columbia Pictures and everyone else who has involvement in creating these films believe that Spiderman will continue on like the Star Trek Series whether the original cast is there on not…

According to, Director Sam Raimi had some news: There will be a Spider-Man 4. Well, of

This may be problematic for one cast member, whose character appears to die on screen. I won't tell you which one, but the actor or actress who plays this character did say to me later, "It turns out I may not be completely dead." So, we shall see. One person who says he will not be along for the next ride is legendary scriptwriter Alvin Sargent.

"It's time for someone else to do it," he told me.
More Spider-Man movies also depend on the response to the third installment. Although it's a bit long, Spider-Man 3 never ceases to delight and dazzle audiences. It was fun seeing it again last night with a big crowd.