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Antarctica's Blood Falls Lives Up to Its Name; Inspires Upcoming Horror Film 'Blood Glacier'


Blood Falls

Yesterday, the trailer hit the net for an upcoming horror film called Blood Glacier, which is being released into select theaters and onto VOD outlets on May 2nd, courtesy of IFC. Heavily inspired by John Carpenter's The Thing, the film centers on a team of scientists who notice a strange, red liquid pouring down a glacier, with the 'blood' causing horrifying changes in the wildlife it comes into contact with.

You can check out the trailer below, but first we invite you to learn a little bit about the real-life location that quite clearly served as the inspiration for the film.

Located in East Antarctica, Blood Falls is the name given to a naturally-occurring plume of saltwater that perpetually flows from the Taylor Glacier, covering the ice in its path in a bloody-looking mess of red liquid. The strange phenomenon was discovered in 1911 by an Australian geologist, and it was determined that the water flowing from the glacier is tainted with iron oxide, which gives it the unusual reddish coloring.

So yea. It's not actually blood. But it looks like blood. And that's cool enough for us.

Now that you've been armed with this little primer course, check out the trailer for Blood Glacier, which looks to be a gory blast of practical effects-heavy fun!