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News Article

Is Anything Funnier Than Fear?


It's that time of year again, when folks everywhere acknowledge a truth that we horror fans live by -- fear is awesome. It's also pretty darn funny, as the folks behind the Nightmares Fear Factory can illustrate. They've set up a still camera in their haunted house (located in Niagara Falls, Canada), which takes pictures of people at the scariest point in the attraction. And they've got a Photostream packed with images of people in sheer terror. Check out a couple more of them after the jump. 

My favorite of the images below is the gentleman using his lady as a human shield. (I hereby confess to doing something similar with my wife on one or two occasions.) You can see many more pics of people scared out of their wits if you venture over to Flickr. To see how you can wind up in this Photostream, visit the Nightmares Fear Factory website. Thanks to Trick 'r Treat director Mike Dougherty (who knows a thing or two about scaring people at this time of year) for alerting us to this.