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Arch Enemy Turns 'Evil' This Fall

Norwegian extreme-metal superstars Arch Enemy revealed recently that recording, mixing and mastering of their new release The Root of All Evil is now complete, and the album is hot on track for this fall. Guitarist Michael Amott spilled his guts (so to speak) about the album on the band’s blog, and we’ve sliced up some prime cuts for your pleasure after the jump!

The Root of All Evil is a special release including all-new recordings of songs from the band’s first three records – Black Earth, Stigmata and Burning Bridges. Amott writes that the process of going back through the band’s early material was time-consuming, but rewarding: “We basically headed down to our rehearsal studio, got reacquainted with the tunes, picked out our favorites and proceeded to give a breath of new life to those early songs,” he explains. And the result? “The production and mix is crushing and heavy as hell… it really makes these old songs shine… it sounds like a brand new thing!”

The CD is slated for European release on September 28th, and October 6th in North America. The band is busy touring Europe, Japan, Mexico, Australia and many more venues this summer, but they promise to provide more album updates in the coming weeks.