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Are Selfies to Blame for Recent Spike in Teen Head Lice Cases?


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Whether you're watching people take them or scrolling past them on Facebook, there's no question that selfies are an incredibly irritating aspect of our social media obsessed culture. But is it possible that the recent trend is to blame for the spread of blood-sucking head lice, amongst teenagers? This is one story you're going to want to pay close attention to, if you often find yourself snapping selfies!

As reported by UK's Daily Mail, California lice-treatment expert Marcy McQuillan has noticed a dramatic spike in the number of teenagers who come to her treatment centers looking to rid their scalps of the pesky parasites, and she firmly believes that selfies are responsible for those elevated numbers. Head lice is of course spread through head-to-head contact, and since heads have no choice but to touch while taking selfies with friends, McQuillan feels that it's fairly obvious why more young people are coming into her office than ever before.

She says that every teen she's treated has told her that they regularly take selfies, on a daily basis, which all but confirms her beliefs. Another supervisor at a different treatment center has also reported an increase in cases amongst young people, and she agrees that selfies are the perfect means to spread the head-bugs to friends.

What do you think? Are selfies just annoying, or are they actually hazardous to our health? Sound off below.

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