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News Article

Are These Halloween Decorations Scary Enough to Call the Cops?


Halloween is the time for over-the-top gore, right? If you live in Mustang, Oklahoma, you may want to think twice.

Johnnie Mullins decorated his home with a fake body posed to look like his head was slammed into the garage door, which was subsequently splattered with blood. Sounds pretty tame, right? One of Mullins' neighbors didn't think so: she called the police, thinking it was a real dead body. When EMTs and firefighters responded, they told Mullins he wasn't doing anything illegal and Mullins was free to keep the display up. So he did - and he added another body.

Neighbor Rebecca Fuentes was offended by the display. "If I thought it was real, what must a child think?" she told reporters. I think kids are way smarter than she is giving them credit for. It has not been confirmed if Fuentes was the same neighbor who called the cops.