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Are You Ready For 'Ninjas vs. Zombies'


Only the strongest will survive when Ninjas vs. Zombies battle it out on DVD this Tuesday, August 24th. Check out the trailer below.

From the films' official web site:
NVZ has been called "An episode of 'Friends' meets 'Spider Man', with a side of Jackie Chan.  Oh - and then bloodthirsty zombies show up and start eating everybody."

Seven friends, struggling with late 20s, early 30s life, find themselves in terrifying danger when a long-dead loved one is magically resurrected and starts devouring souls.  To make matters worse, three of them have been granted the power of the ninja, and now must lead the fight against a power they cannot hope to vanquish.  If they fail, the undead will overrun their little town, and maybe the world.

What follows is a whirlwind of magic, swordplay, hand to hand combat, gunfire and simmering sarcasm. From high flying flips to a full-on melee, from a claustrophobic last stand to a Star-Wars worthy katana battle, NINJAS VS ZOMBIES is a chilling, laugh out loud, edge of your seat adventure.The strategy behind the film has always been the simplicity of the concept. We like to joke – "Its ninjas versus freakin’ zombies! Who wouldn't watch this film?!" Our screenwriter/director spent an afternoon in a Blockbuster looking for "The film they haven't made yet". From there, he realized that it was those simple DTV releases with a hook ("Uncle Sam", "Killer Klowns", "Naked Weapon") that seemed to populate the new release wall. The goal then became to craft a film that delivered two concepts with their own fanbases, but would grow in appeal once discovered (as too often those impulse rentals lead to a disappointing viewing experience). By studying the small but fierce fanbases of Joss Whedon and Kevin Smith, we realized that a smartly told, violent but funny, surprising film with (and this is important) a high "quotability" factor would elevate the film beyond that impulse rental to the "you have to see this" status (i.e. the infinite DVD re?releases of "Army Of Darkness").

The secondary strategy is the "human interest story". El Mariachi. Clerks. Blair Witch. Evil Dead. Part of the innate appeal of these multi?million dollar franchises starts with the story of a regular Joe who makes a movie sans Hollywood. Our hope is that this is the 2000's go?to story of how a really big looking, funny, chilling, action?packed, quality film was financed by those regular Joes. Our projects history has that "anyone can do it" feel to it ? and no one is going to be stumbling for the name of the film ? its "Ninjas vs. Zombies".

Finally, this is a film that is made by people who love movies. It’s not an auteur trying to be artsy, it’s not strictly a financially motivated film. It’s a movie made by a group of talented, undiscovered, passionate professionals who decided to pool their resources because they believe in the project, their team, and building something bigger than the sum of its parts. As you learn more about us, we're certain you will be a believer too.

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