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The Art of Serial Killers


The idea of the modern serial killer dates back to 1888 with the Whitechapel Murders.   Of course the perpetrator in this case was never officially apprehended and has been infamously dubbed Jack The Ripper.  Though Jack managed to elude the law enforcement of the time, thankfully many others have not been as lucky.

From these studying these murders, it has been learned that many of them share similar characteristics.  They often suffer mental illness or have low IQ’s, have been abused or bullied as children, or they fit some or all of the Mcdonald Triad.  Another trait many seem to share is their penchant for art.  A surprising number of serial killers fancy themselves the artist.  We collected some of their work below.

John Wayne Gacy

Henry Lee Lucas

Keith Hunter Jesperson

John Edward Robinson

Ottis Toole

Danny Rolling

Charles Ng

Arthur Shawcross

Rhicard Ramirez

Nicolas Claux

Though many of the men above are famous, they were not the most active.  Check out our list of the world's most prolic serial killers