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Artist Barry Crawford Molds Clay into Horror Icons


Human Centipede

It was back in 1992 that Chicago-based artist Barry Crawford officially became known as 'Clay Guy,' turning his passion for DIY monster making from a hobby into a bonafide career. Sculpey Modeling Compound is Crawford's tool of choice, and though he started off by turning hunks of clay into silver screen icons like Batman and the Joker, his love for horror movies soon shined through, and nowadays he exclusively spends his time sculpting figures of genre icons both past and present.


A regular on the convention scene for many years now, Crawford's 'Clay Guy' sculptures continually impress, and he consistently churns out a brand new cavalcade of monsters and madmen every year. Though he has of course sculpted icons of fright like Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers, it is Crawford's figures of less appreciated villains that really make his work special, as he's brought to life a handful of characters that have never been given any respect on the collectibles front.

High Tension

Angela from Night of the Demons, Amy from Fright Night, Gage Creed from Pet Sematary and even Madman Marz himself are just a few of Barry's recent creations, and you can see all of his work over on the Clay Guy website. While there, you can also purchase figures of your favorite characters and even buy unpainted kits of any of them, if you'd prefer to paint them yourself!

Night of the Demons

The Collector

Pet Sematary