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Artist Brings Iconic Horror Houses Into Your Home


Amityville Horror house

In the horror genre, homes and structures are oftentimes as iconic as the villains and characters - the locations where the evil goes down becoming characters in and of themselves.  When you think of movies like The Evil Dead and The Shining, for example, some of the first images that likely pop into your head are that of a desolated cabin in the woods and the snow-covered Overlook Hotel.  Films like Poltergeist, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre all have equally iconic settings, instantly recognizable to anyone who has seen them.

Artist John Stewart faithfully recreates these and other iconic horror locales, with scale models that are completely made from scratch.  Each piece of each model is cut, carved, sculpted, textured and painted by the artist, using absolutely no prefabricated parts.  Framed with metal and wood for stability, and outfitted with lighting effects, each of John's 'Horror Houses' are exact replicas of the locations we know and love - down to the tiniest of details.

Check out just a few of John's incredible pieces below, and see more over on his website.  Each of his creations are for sale, for varying prices, so be sure to check out the site to learn more!

Bates Motel

Texas Chainsaw Massacre house

Evil Dead cabin

Overlook Hotel

1428 Elm Street