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Artist Turns Horror Movie Posters Into Animated Neon Signs


Earlier this year, our friends over at Geek Nation blew our minds when they whipped up a series of clever motion posters, short animated videos that brought to life the art of films like Jaws and Planet Terror.  If you missed that, be sure to click the link and check some of them out, because it's one of the more creative things we've ever had the pleasure of sharing.

Based out of the UK, illustrator and 3D animator Michael Whaite takes a similar path with his art, breathing new life into classic movie posters by quite literally bringing them to life... as fully animated neon signs.  Using programs like Flash and Adobe After Effects, Whaite turns iconic movie imagery into brightly colored eye-popping GIFs, depicting some of our favorite movies as neon bar signs.  Thankfully, Whaite is a big time horror fan, and he's given movies like Psycho, The Shining and Frankenstein the flashy treatment.

Check out a handful of his horror-inspired art below, and see many more examples of Whaite's unique take on movie posters over on his Tumblr page.  He's also got a whole lot of other fun goodies over there, so be sure to browse around!