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Artist Turns Old VHS Tapes Into Unique Horror Icon Artwork


Jason Voorhees VHS

Though the VHS format technically died around 10 years ago, paving the way for Blu-rays and Ultraviolet Codes, fans of the format have nevertheless been doing a hell of a job keeping it alive, and the VHS tape has experienced a most unexpected resurgence in recent years.

Sure, major distribution companies will never again put out a movie on VHS, but that hasn't stopped smaller companies from harkening back to the days of old, and a quick Google search will turn up a wealth of websites and blogs dedicated to injecting ample doses of Herbert West's green serum into the format.

One of those websites is Lunchmeat, which is run by VHS enthusiast Josh Schafer. As we spotted over on Cult Collective, Schafer recently ran an interview with a French artist named Patrick Massobrio, who is doing his own part to keep the VHS format alive and kicking. Like many of us, Massobrio loves the format because of his childhood connections to it, and he uses those familiar tapes and boxes to create entirely new pieces of art, inspired by the horror icons that the video store introduced him to, as a kid.

Though none of the pieces are for sale, at the moment, you can check out a handful of Massobrio's unique VHS-inspired art pieces below, and see more over on his website!

Freddy Krueger

Michael Myers



Phantom of the Paradise

Snake Plissken