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Artist Turns Peanuts Into Horror Icons


Steve Casino horror nuts

One man's trash is another man's treasure, as they say, and for artist Steve Casino, this little pearl of wisdom most definitely applies.  Rather than going out and buying expensive canvases, and painting his work onto them, Casino instead paints the shells of peanuts, which the rest of us toss in the trash once we've consumed their tasty contents.  He calls himself 'the painter of nuts,' and you'll be amazed at the creations he's able to turn them into.

Steve Casino Munsters

Though Casino turns his nuts into all sorts of iconic pop culture characters, from Elvis Presley to Doctor Who, it's his horror nuts that we're of course most impressed with here on FEARNET.  Herman and Lily Munster, Alfred Hitchcock and Dracula are just a few of the horror icons that have been depicted in Casino's incredibly unique form of art, which recently caught the attention of Good Morning America.  His process first begins with finding the perfectly shaped peanut for each individual job, which he then paints and spices up with things like hair, arms, legs and various other accessories.  The results?  Nuts that you'd rather look at than eat!

Check out more of Casino's horror-inspired creations below, and see even more peanut art over on his website!

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Bride of Frankenstein

Universal Monsters

Alfred Hitchcock

Addams Family