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News Article

Artists Restore Original Horror Movie Props


Critters movie prop

Do you ever wonder what happens to all of the awesome props from our favorite horror movies?  While some are proudly displayed in museums and home collections, the sad truth is that a whole lot of them end up lining shelves in warehouses and basements, collecting dust and deteriorating as the years pass by.  But if the artists over at Tom Spina Designs have their way, no foam latex appliances or rubber monsters will ever be left behind again!

In addition to creating some of the coolest pieces of custom sculpture and home decor you've ever seen - including a King Kong home theater set and Han Solo Carbonite desk - Tom Spina Designs also specializes in the restoration of original screen-used film and televsion props.  Their artists are the best in the world at restoring costumes, appliances and props, aiming to turn back the hands of time and breathe new life into weathered and haggard pieces.  Thankfully for us horror fans, the horror genre has been a large focus of their restoration work, with props from movies like Critters, Gremlins, and An American Werewolf in London being brought back from the dead by Tom and the gang.

Check out a few select pieces of their handiwork, and see much more over on the Tom Spina Designs website!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 mask

Hellraiser The Engineer

Evil Ash mask