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Astronomers Predict High Likelihood of Zombies in Outer Space


Space Zombies

Is there intelligent life out there on other planets, looking down on us? It's a question that's been pondered by generations, and will continue to be pondered by generations to come. But astronomers Stephen Kane and Franck Zelziz aren't worried about intelligent life. They're worried about unintelligent death.

As reported by io9, the two astronomers recently published a study that suggests the possibility of over 2,500 zombie-infested planets, within 326 light years of our solar system. Yes, Kane and Zelziz believe in the potential existence of extraterrestrial zombies, and they've got the evidence to back up their wild claims.

The basic gist of the study is that since there's a high likelihood of life other than us humans out there in the universe, there's also a high likelihood that those forms of life have been hit by devastating pandemics, like the ones that have ravaged our kind throughout the years; smallpox, Black Death, etc. And so, following this line of thinking, the men suggest that it's possible that other lifeforms have been wiped out by something akin to a zombie apocalypse, which would explain why we've never made any sort of contact with them.

It's a stretch, for sure, but I suppose anything is possible. What do you make of all this madness? Comment below and let us know!

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