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News Article

Attrition Unveils Epic Tribute Album


Still cool as ever after three decades of crafting eerie, sexy and oddly disturbing sounds, legendary UK band Attrition – the creation of experimental music pioneer Martin Bowes, and a FEARnet favorite – have announced the latest milestone on their creative journey: a tribute CD packed with new interpretations of their best-known works, contributed by a stellar lineup of gothic, darkwave, industrial and experimental artists. If you’re craving sleek and sophisticated Halloween fare, read on and learn more...

Said to be four years in the making, Wrapped in the Guise of My Friend contains seventeen cover songs by artists like En Esch (formerly of KMFDM), Stromkern, Machine in the Garden, the Lovecraft-inspired Nyarlathotep, High Blue Star, Chiasm, Unwoman, and Imprint – the latter being the solo project of Attrition vocalist Sin D'rella, whose debut CD we also covered in these pages recently.

Also an accomplished producer and audio engineer, Bowes personally selected and mastered all of the tracks on Wrapped. 'Over the years I have been moved by the many cover versions of our music that started appearing,' he explained, 'always amazed that people were touched enough by our songs to want to interpret them in their own way... I thought it was timely that I put together an album to represent these works.'

Wrapped in the Guise of My Friend will be released in North America next month through Wax Trax, as well as Martin's own label, Two Gods. Ordering the CD direct from the Attrition website will gain you free access to a digital bonus EP, comprised of eight additional tracks.