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News Article

Austin, TX May Be Getting An Epic Statue


Philly has the Rocky statue, Detroit is getting a Robocop statue, and Oklahoma may be getting a satanic statue.  All three of these pale in comparison to the proposal that was recently put forward in Austin, TX.

During Monday’s meeting of the Austin Music Commission (part of the city council), a proposal for a statue of Glenn Danzig was on the agenda.  But not just a simple statue of Danzig, a statue with the misfits co-founder riding a dragon.  James Moody who submitted the idea to the committee said that it began “in jest” but if they were “willing to do it in gold” and to give it ruby eyes, he would submit it as a serious plan.

So would do you think about one day possibly turning down a street in Austin and seeing something like this staring back at you?

Glenn Danzig Dragon Statue

Stay weird Austin!

(source KEYE-TV)