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Australian Sharks Send Out Tweets to Warn Swimmers


sharks twitter

Shark attacks have been on the rise in Australia of late, with six unlucky swimmers meeting their end in the waters off Western Australia in the past two years.  In an effort to make the waters safer, government officials recently deemed it legal to hunt and kill large sharks, in designated 'kill zones.'

Not surprisingly, it was a decision many did not agree with, and so they've gone back to the drawing board and devised a less violent plan; sign the sharks up with Twitter accounts and have them send out tweets whenever they're swimming close to shore!

No, seriously...

Sharks Twitter

As reported by Grind TV, scientists have tagged over 300 sharks with transmitters linked to a single Twitter acccount, and the idea is that tweets are automatically sent out whenever the tagged sharks swim within one kilometer of the coast's beaches.  The government is hopeful that Australians will follow the account, and that the waters will become much safer, thanks to these clever real-time warnings.

In other news, the sharks have discovered hashtags, and it is absolutely adorable.