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This Awesome Claymation Video Pays Tribute to 80s Movie Monsters


80s monster claymation

There has never been a more glorious time to be a horror fan than in the 1980s, when practical effects reigned supreme.  Remakes like The Thing, The Blob and The Fly as well as brand new films such as Gremlins, Basket Case and From Beyond showed us how far the art of makeup effects had progressed, allowing filmmakers to bring incredible monsters and jaw-dropping moments of extreme gore to the big screen.  I get all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it.

Based out of South Carolina, freelance artist Trent Shy is a guy who appreciates the artistry that was on display in the 1980s, and he's just put together an incredible video that pays tribute to some of the best monster movies that came out of the decade.  Rather than pulling clips from DVDs and mashing them together, Trent busted out the clay for his love letter to 1980s horror cinema, animating together a truly awesome claymation mash-up - one that is guaranteed to put huge smiles on the faces of all who have a fondness for the decade of big hair, bright colors and a whole lot of blood and guts.

Check out the claymation tribute below, and see more of Trent's aweomse art over on his Facebook page!

How many of the movies featured can you name?  Comment below and list 'em off!