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Awesome Dad Makes 'Aliens' Power Loader Costume for His Infant Daughter


Aliens Power Loader

You know those baby harnesses parents sometimes wear, that allow them to carry around their children, rather than push them in strollers? Well a super cool dad over in Germany just created the world's coolest version of one, which is sure to make geeks the world over itching to have little Xenomorph-killers of their own!

Inspired by the scene in Aliens where Ellen Ripley straps herself inside a Power Loader to do battle with the Xenomorph Queen, Carsten Riewe whipped up this incredible costume for Germany's Karveval Parade, which took place last month. The result of 100 hours of intensive labor, the one-of-a-kind creation allows for Riewe to carry around his infant daughter in style, making it look like she's channeling her inner Ripley and powering the exoskeleton device.

As if the costume itself wasn't cool enough, Riewe even went so far as to outfit it with a Bluetooth boombox, which further brings the fully functional Power Loader to life, with robotic sounds.

Check out the costume in action, and be sure to watch the whole video for a fun surprise at the end!

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