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Awesome Swimsuit Breaks Cardinal Gremlins Mogwai Rule


Mogwai swimsuit

As anyone who's ever seen Gremlins knows, there are three main rules when it comes to caring for the utterly adorable Chinese creatures known as Mogwai; don't expose them to light, don't get them wet and never feed them after midnight.  It is of course the breaking of Rule #2 that sets forth the disasterous chain of events in the film, spilled water turning Gizmo into a whole new batch of little monsters.

Apparently, the folks over at Australian company Black Milk Clothing weren't paying attention when the rules were being laid out in the film.  In fact, they've gone out of their way in an effort to ensure that Gizmo does indeed get wet... very wet.  With their brand spankin' new one-piece Mogwai Swimsuit, Rule #2 will most definitely be broken, and we can only hope that pools and oceans across the world aren't teeming with vicious Gremlins as a result!

You can purchase your very own Mogwai Swimsuit for $94.99 over on Black Milk Clothing, where you'll also find all sorts of other fun Halloween designs.  If you ever wanted to wear a swimsuit that exposed your guts and internal organs, Black Milk has got ya covered!