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Baby Dinosaur Fossil Dug Up in Canada


baby dinosaur

Just a few days ago, we told you about the remains of a 'mega-predator' that were unearthed in Utah, a monster that is believed to have measured a whopping 30 feet long.  On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, the remains of a baby dinosaur were just discovered up in Canada, an incredibly rare find that is both amazing and utterly heartbreaking.

Measuring five feet long and estimated to be only three years old, the tiny skeleton was unearthed completely intact, so well preserved that its skin left impressions in the nearby rock.  As reported by NBC News, the fossil is the smallest intact skeleton ever found of a Ceratospid, a group of herbivorous dinos.  It appears that the toddler met its end in a river near Alberta, Canada, over 70 million years ago.  Due to the pristine condition of the little guy, scientists estimate he drowned in the river.

The find will help scientists identify and age the bones of other Ceratospids that they've found over the years, turning this ill-fated animal into a teacher the likes of which dino experts have never before had the luxury of learning from.  Everything happens for a reason, as they say.