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News Article

Baby Joker is One Seriously Freaky Doll


There's nothing we love more here at FEARnet than a freaky doll. And no doll I've seen in recent years is as freaky as Japanese toymaker WorldBox's "1/6 Lakor Baby Single", an unoffical Dark Knight toy that perfectly captures the look of Heath Ledger's Joker, or at least the members of the Joker's gang in the opening scene of Christopher Nolan's last Batman movie. Er, that is if the Joker was a toddler. More info, and absolutely horrifying images, after the jump.

Baby Joker can be pre-ordered from AmiAmi for 11,800 Yen (or 152 US dollars). Here's what you get for that price...

Make-up head x 1
Doll Head x 1
Baby Body x 1
Cloth Suit x 1
White Plaid Shirt x 1
Underwear x 2
Clown mask x 1
Foundation Brush x 1
Lipstick x 1
Wood Texture G18 x 1
Wood Texture Submachine Gun x 1
Shoulder Bag x 1

Yeah, that's a whole lot of creepiness that this thing comes packaged with. We're talking disturbing on so many levels it's difficult to know where to start. The two diapers? The lipstick? The submachine gun? The slogan "Take Happiness Home"? Of course the nice thing is that even if you're not a Batman fan, as a horror lover, you can appreciate a doll that will terrify everyone you know, even without his "make-up head". Here are some more pics of the little guy.

Thanks to Comics Alliance for bringing this adorable fellow to our attention.