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Bad Luck of the Irish: 'Vampires vs. Leprechauns' and 'Deadlocked'


In a fight who do you think would win: vampires or leprechauns? Despite all the things the Leprechaun franchise has taught me about their wily ways and tricksy charms, I am still going to have to go with the undead who walk the earth and drink mortal blood.

This question will soon be answered, because Inception Media Group has acquired two Irish horror films: Vampires vs. Leprechauns and Deadlocked.

According to Variety, both films were written by author Spencer Wright who also penned Red Mist and the principal photography will take place in Northern Ireland.

So, what are these all about? Vampires vs. Leprechauns is your basic bloody portal-to-hell story. Vampires descend on a small Irish town looking for a gateway to hell. We can only assume the leprechauns are the good guys in this equation. The horror comedy will be directed by relative newcomer Allan Gildea.

In Deadlocked a strange ash settles over Belfast (If you’ve visited Belfast, you know that’s no different than any other day.) and brings a virus with it.  Soon the unlucky city dwellers are turned into zombies and all hell breaks loose. Deadlocked will be directed by the Tohill Brothers.

Irish film seems to be having a heyday of sorts with the SXSW darling Citadel scheduled to hit U.S. theaters on October 19. Watch the trailer for Citadel below.


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