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News Article

Band of Orcs Bassist Challenges Ultimate Fighter

Remember our insane interview with larger-than-life metal monsters A Band of Orcs? You know, the one where the heavily armed, pierced and painted band members described their unique mix of "Orc Metal" and onstage combat, and occasionally threatened this interviewer with dismemberment? Yeah, that one. Well, who better than the mighty Orcs to engage in a battle of another kind, this time in the UFC arena? It's gonna happen – well, in a virtual sense, anyway – when Kyle Watson of Spike TV's Ultimate Fighter goes head-to-head with Gronk!, the band's bass player, in a fantasy Mixed Martial Arts contest. We've got the details below, so take a dive!

The contest, hosted by, invites fans to check out Watson and Gronk!'s choices for the upcoming UFC Fox Fight Night 1 bouts. To enter, go to the Facebook page and leave a comment choosing whether Watson or Gronk! will win the battle, and how many points they will have. The scoring system breaks down like this: picking the correct winner of a bout scores 6 points, choosing the correct type of win (KO/TKO, Submission, Decision) is worth 4 points, and getting the correct round scores 3 points, with a total of 130 points possible across all bouts.

The first contestant to pick the correct winner and number of points will win a copy of the Orcs' debut EP Warchiefs of the Apocalypse, along with an Orcs t-shirt. Check out for the complete breakdown... and here's your battle anthem, in the form of the band's new single "Wyrd of the Winter Wolf"...